Wee Eagles Basketball consists of Travel Teams that compete against organizations outside of Bellbrook and an Intramural program that does no traveling.  Each program is described on this page.

2018-19 Travel Teams for Boys Grades 3-5 (Click Here)

2018-19 Travel Teams for Girls Grades 3-5 (Click Here)

2018-19 Travel Teams for Girls Grades 6 (Click Here)

2018-19 Travel Teams for Boys Grades 6 (Click Here)

Boys Director: Todd Diorio
Girls Director: Eric Frantz

Itramural Director: Keith McKeever


The select/traveling teams participate in the Dayton Metro League (   Games start in late November and end with a tournament in early March. Games are generally on weekend days with the possibility of a few games on a weekday. Bellbrook Wee Eagles sponsors select/traveling teams for 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls. Based on registration numbers, Wee Eagles will sponsor one or two teams at each grade level (numbering in players from 8-10). All players who make a team are guaranteed a minimum of 6 minutes playing time each game if they make a good effort to attend all practices and do not have disciplinary issues. Also, no student-athletes will play up a grade level as long as there are enough players in the respctive grade to fill teams.

NEW PLAYERS/PARENTS: Please Note...this is travel/select basketball and requires a committment. As noted, games are held mostly on weekends. Practices are two per week during the season.

2018-19 Online Registration is OPEN

Forms needed for Travel teams
1) Registration Forms - Wee Eagles and Dayton Metro - 1 Copy
2) Birth Certificate - 2 Copies
3) Physical Exam Form - 1 Copy, completed within the past 12 months
4) Wee Eagles Code of Conduct - 1 Copy
5) Metro Release Form – 1 Copy
6) Lyndsay's Law Form - NEW

Girls Fees
Individual: (2018-19 cost $130)

Family Discounts
Two Siblings: $230 total
Family Cap: $330 total

Boys Fees
Individual: (2018-19 cost $130)

Family Discounts
Two Siblings: $230 total
Family Cap: $330 total

Uniforms are NOT included in the registration fee. Uniforms are a separate cost ($60-plus tax) and will be purchased through FanzStop. Uniforms can be worn for more than one year and are yours to keep. More info regarding fittings/purchase forthcoming.

Anyone interested in Coaching or Assisting, please complete a coaches application.

Travel Team Vitals
- Travel Team Fees include Dayton Metro fee, personalized shooting shirt, janitorial services after games, balls/equipment, year-end gifts and end of year party.
- Team Parents are required to cover the following areas for your team's home games: Gate, Clock and Scorebook.
- Ball Size for all grades, boys and girls, is 28.5.
- All Third graders and Fourth grade girls play at 9' baskets and shoot foul shots 18" in front of the normal foul line.

Gym Directions to Away Games


Rules for players playing up to another Grade Level
If a grade has 18 players signed up at a grade level no player can play up from a lower grade level. A player cannot play up to another grade level if that will leave that player's grade level with less than 14 players. If more than one player wants to play up and the number limit of 18 is reached then the player with the highest rank at tryouts would be able to move up. If a grade has 10 or less players registered from that grade then, only one team will be formed, unless the grade below it has enough players to play up and form a second team. Any deviation from this will require Wee Eagles board approval.


Director: Keith McKeever (238-8379) 

*K/1 instructional sessions
*2nd & 3rd Grade Leagues

K/1 & 2/3 Grade SIGN-UPS TUESDAY OCTOBER 16th & WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 17th 7:00pm-8:30pm at Stephen Bell


Grades K and 1st boys and girls: This will be 5 one-hour sessions that will teach the
basics of basketball, including dribbling, passing, defense, and shooting. The dates and
times for these sessions will be available at registration. All at Stephen Bell. The cost
will be $25, which includes a t-shirt and a basketball. Help during these sessions are
greatly appreciated. Call Keith Mckeever 238-8379 for more info.


Grades 2 and 3 boys and girls intramurals (not coed teams): consists of evaluations
and practices with your team (starting in November) and games (early January through
the end of February.) Games are set to be played on Saturday afternoons at Stephen
Bell. Practice times Friday nights all at Stephen Bell. The cost for this is $35 and
includes a t-shirt. Coaches are needed!


IMPORTANT: Bring medical and emergency contact information. You will be filling out
the medical information form, the registration form
and paying the fee.
Make checks out to Wee Eagles. You must have these 2 forms filled out and
signed, and payment must be made to receive a time slot for the K/1 program or to get
placed on a team for 2nd/3rd grade.


Avoid the hassle - get the forms ahead of time and have them already filled out when
you come to sign up by downloading the forms here. If you have questions about the program, please use
the above email address or call Keith Mckeever at 238-8379. After signups, forms will
be available at Winter’s library.


The Bellbrook Lions Club ( sponsors recreational basketball leagues for grades 4-8.  Signups are usually in early November.